Boyabat Vocational School of Higher Education was held in Ondokuz Mayıs University in accordance with Article 7 / d-2 of Law No. 2547 of the General Assembly of the General Assembly dated 30.09.1994. It was connected with the establishment of Sinop University. In the 1995 .1996 academic year, Education and Training was started with the Construction Technology and Map and Cadastre Programs, and in 2014-2015 Academic Year, Occupational Health and Safety Program, in 2017-2018 Academic Year, Real Estate and Property Management Program and Geographical Information Systems Programs were added.

The new programs planned to be taken as of 2019-2020 academic year are under the ”Civil Defense and Firefighting Program” under the ı Protection and Security Program ”of the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning and under the itibar Architectural Restoration Program 201.

Vocational School, 6 km from Boyabat. has started education in the temporary service building at the Apprenticeship-Training Center in the Industrial Site. Our school was moved to its own service building which was completed on 30.05.2006. There are 4 amphitheater and 15 classrooms in a 3 storey single block building.

Sinop University Boyabat Campus, Vocational High School, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, football, basketball, volleyball courts, ceremonial area and dormitory housing for the students to meet the dormitory and dormitory has a perfect physical area.

Boyabat Vocational School has 4 lectures, 10 classrooms, 1 computer laboratory, 1 technical drawing class, 1 Occupational Health and Safety Laboratory, 1 Construction Laboratory and 1 Map Laboratory.

Students can benefit from the free internet in the Boyabat Campus, they can access the current books and journals, literary works and novels in the areas they are interested in, and they can make the most of their free time in football, basketball, volleyball courts and canteen. In addition, cinema, theater, conference and seminar can watch cultural and artistic activities in our room and participate in interviews and events.

In our cafeteria, there are two meals a day (lunch + dinner) for our students.